Help! We’ve Fallen Hard for Chihuahua Cedric

Cute things oftentimes come in small packages. Case in point: Cedric the Chihuahua. “I’m an extremely tiny dog with just one tooth and a big loving heart”, reads the bio on an Instagram page—an Instagram which is growing in momentum by the moment. Indeed, with almost 80k fans to date, Cedric proves you don’t have to be large in order for you to be in charge.

Being tiny, as it turns out, is actually Cedric’s selling point. Most photos and videos show him standing against other items, comparing sizes. In a video comparing him to different-sized fruit, Cedric can be seen towering over a mango (but only by a bit). Alas, in another video (an Easter special), Cedric seems quite small compared to a giant Kinder egg.

It’s this kind of funny/heart warming content that shot Cedric to fame. But according to his owner, life wasn’t so easy on the tiny Instagram star.

“I was the last puppy left in the litter that no one wanted, because I have a severe overbite,” admitted Cedric in a mock interview with Dog Whisperer HQ. “My humans knew my biological father and that’s how they learned about me. They had been wanting a small dog that they could easily travel with.”

“When they first saw me in person, they were surprised,” adds the pooch. “I had seemed much bigger in the photos and videos. They were terrified that they would accidentally step on me or hurt me. We got to know each other over a few weeks and they stopped worrying as they saw I was very smart and careful.”

Back in Montreal, Cedric soon gained the following he deserved. You might as well join his growing fanbase…