This Fashion Brand Embodies the Spirit of Hot Girl Summer

Los Angeles-based fashion label Cult Gaia is where the cool girls are at. Living up to their name, the brand has gained cult status fairly quickly and has some 1 million followers on Instagram alone. Influencers worldwide can be seen this summer rocking Cult Gaia’s tiny cut-out dresses and fashionable tops, but the brand actually skyrocketed to success thanks to their unique handbags, and more specifically: the Ark bag.

Made of bamboo slates, shapes as a half-moon, the Ark bag has been sported by megastars like Jessica Alba, Michelle Williams, and Chrissy Teigen. In many ways, the Ark bag, with its sculptural and artistic twist, embodies the brand’s spirit. Indeed, many of the brands pieces stand out for their unique design, but without being overt – meaning Cult Gaia’s items still have a practicality to them.

According to the brand’s founded and designer Jasmin Larian, her brand was born out of a need to find pieces that are both special and practical. “In the market, it was always hard for me to find artful pieces that felt special and wearable, with an affordable price point,” she shared in a piece published on Anupam Dabral’s website. “I love the idea of keeping special pieces forever.”

“The name Gaia comes from the goddess of Mother Earth and the daughter of chaos, the most creative force there is in my opinion,” she further explained the brand’s philosophy. “And every great brand is cult-like, uniting like-minded people in their aesthetic ideals. Women and nature are endlessly inspiring, so there is a lot in the name.”

Pieces we’re hoping to snag for ourselves: the Diem top (an iconic piece in the making), the Serita dress, and the Hera ring mini shoulder bag.