Digital Artists Make Food Resemble Animals

If you have a creative mind, then maybe you can see animal faces in various fruits and vegetables, just like the creators of Les Creatonautes. They’ve been transforming food and other objects into animals, and people are loving it. For example, on their Instagram page, a cantaloupe looks like a frog, a cauliflower becomes an eagle, and grapes become a crocodile!

“The world is in permanent change. It is in a transformation. This transformation, often invisible, sometimes unexpected, is inevitable. Living organisms, landscapes, technologies, societies: everything changes constantly, at different rates. From this observation, we decided to transform the world in our own way,” creator Olivier Grossmann shared in a statement.

The story of Les Creatonautes began on 09/09/09, but nine years later, the newest project titled Transformation was released. Then they decided they would create an image every day that “represents something that does not exist”.

“An image every day, all year round, a sort of nod to the passing of time, to the changing world. But also a challenge to creativity, a way of pushing the imagination to its limits to open up new horizons,” he added.

If you’re interested in their journey, check out the gallery below!