Dog Beat Cancer and Now Lives a Happy Life

Unfortunately, in some parts of the world, there aren’t solutions for abandoned animals. However, there are good people who are willing to help them. One of them is a guy named Aaron. In one of his latest adventures, he spotted a dog that was in a horrible condition.

Although he tried so hard to grab him, he failed a couple of times. Then he reached out to BAWA—Bali Animal Welfare Association to capture him. And they succeeded.

“He was hungry and dehydrated and obviously in huge amounts of pain. I thought he initially had a skin problem only, but when I got close, I saw all of these tumors, which looked like they’d all popped,” Aaron said in a statement for Bored Panda.

The dog, named Homer, had a huge recovery in front of him. However, after months of therapy, he recovered and has even beaten cancer. Then, it was time to find Homer a happy home. It wasn’t an easy task—there were a couple of failed adoptions. But, in the end, the dog found his human mom.

“I feel like Homer is sent to my life to teach me forgiveness. After everything that humans put him through, he still managed to learn to trust and allow me to have his indescribable measure of love,” Nungki, the woman who adopted him wrote on her Instagram page.

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