See The Picasso-Inspired Tattoos of Carlo Amen

Artist Carlo Amen creates beautiful art using lines in a few different colors. This is enough for him to create anything he wants—faces, bodies, or elements from nature. His tattoos are creative, gorgeous, and they tell a story in their own way.

Amen was born and raised in a small French village. There were many artists in his family, which made it easy for him to express creativity from an early age. He spent several years traveling the world and exploring his artistic style before settling in Paris, where he co-owns the tattoo studio Les Maux Bleus. “Located in the heart of Paris, the studio is hidden at the back of a courtyard, under a glass roof which is a source of light and inspiration for the artists,” the studio’s website reads.

Small, minimal tattoos are not all he creates: his big pieces also look amazing. It’s clear where he finds inspiration: his art reminds us of Picasso’s work, but other artists like Mirò and Kandinsky also influenced him.

Amen is not just a tattoo artist, he also creates canvas art, murals, and explores product design. Discover his work on Instagram, where he currently has nearly 60,000 followers. Enjoy some of his recent tattoo works below!