Intertwining Metal Branches Create Impressive Animal Sculptures in Dong Hyun Kang’s Works

Dong Hyun Kang is a Korean artist who creates impressive sculptures of animals like deer, lions, and bears that are different from anything you’ve seen before. His pieces are hollow and consist of thousands of intertwining metal branches, but they still manage to be incredibly realistic and detailed.

Kang’s style is also unique because his sculptures don’t always follow the same pattern. For example, his piece representing a raging bull looks like it was captured in the moment of vanishing. The metal branches forming the body are untying and dissolving into the air.

Other times, the branches are firmly in their place and create strong bonds and clutter that seem like they couldn’t be broken apart regardless of the outside factors. This is most likely true, considering all Kang’s creations are made to last a long time thanks to his use of stainless steel.

Elaborating his style and works, Kang explains that each of his sculptures examines the relationship of the animal species with their surroundings while also underlying the idea that “all life on Earth may lead to an invisible string.”

Kang regularly exhibits his works in galleries worldwide and frequently shares them on social media. Check out more of them below.