Edgar Artis is Using Food and Objects to Craft Fashion Illustrations

If you’re a huge fan of fashion illustration, but feel like they often feel pretty similar, it’s time you discover Edgar Artis’ creations. He put a twist on this art form by using everyday objects to craft unusual fashion illustrations that have to be seen to be believed.

With almost 650,000 followers under his belt, the Paris-based Armenian artist is one of Instagram’s leading fashion illustrators. What makes his work so unique is his use of food, flowers, and other household items that he finds in his surroundings.

Artis makes these objects a part of his illustrations because he wants to show people that the little things we don’t even notice also have beauty. His main goal isn’t to simply create a beautiful drawing with found objects, but to use them to tell a story and offer inspiration.

Food, especially veggies, fruits, and pasta, are commonly used in his illustrations, but he doesn’t stop there. Non-edible objects are also heavily featured in his work, ranging from utensils and matches to feathers and flowers. The sky is the limit when it comes to his creativity, and we’re bringing you some of the amazing illustrations that made us fall in love with his work.