Vlogger Finds and Adopts a Baby Wild Boar in Her Garden

The morning of September 3rd, 2020 started quite ordinary for Sri Lanka-based vlogger Dora Ngai. She was doing some home chores when suddenly she heard a bell. It was her gardener wanting to inform her that he found a baby wild boar nearby and didn’t know what to do with it.

Ngai, who lived with her boyfriend and four rescue dogs at the time, didn’t need much time to recover from the shock. Since the baby’s mother wasn’t around and looked like she’s just a few hours old, Ngai decided to take care of her.

Knowing that the boar didn’t stand a chance on her own, Ngai and her boyfriend made an effort to replace her mother the best they could. They kept the tiny animal warm and well-fed.

“My boyfriend and I took turns sleeping in the living room with her for almost the first four weeks, feeding her every hour when she woke up and started crying,” Ngai revealed while sharing her story with Dodo.

Thanks to the couple’s effort, the baby boar, now named Yezhu, managed to survive. Unfortunately, Ngai revealed that the animal was blind in one eye, meaning Yezhu wouldn’t be able to take care of herself in the wild. So, she decided to make it part of the family.

“She really did make us closer, and our life is more positive when we’re taking care of her and seeing her grow up,” Ngai shared.

The couple couldn’t be happier about having a new family member, and even the four dogs welcomed Yezhu as their own. She’s now living her life to the fullest, with her own house with a small swimming pool in the backyard.