Ellen Jewett’s Animal & Plant Sculptures are Out of This World

Nature is a common source of inspiration for many artists and Ellen Jewett decided to explore it in her own way. She specializes in creating mystical, surrealistic, and incredibly intricate plant and animal sculptures that look straight out of this world.

Jewett is a sculpture artist based in Canada, and her hyperrealist sculptures are inspired by her love of the fantastic, grotesque, and absurd. Each of her sculptures is unique in its own right, and it takes her a lot of time and energy to finish each one.

A single glance at her sculptures makes it clear that nature is her main driving force, but she sees them as a meditation between the physical and psychological world.

“My inspirations are indeed biological – plants, animals, and environments – but the lens is a psychological one and I think that’s where surrealism comes in. It is our interpretation and relationship to wild things and their general otherness which I find supremely fascinating,” Jewett told Now Then Magazine.

She usually uses air-drying polymer, paper clay, cold porcelain, acrylic paints, glass, and resin to bring her sculptures to life. She embarked on quite a journey to find materials she can use because she wanted to avoid working with toxic materials.