Enter the Fantastical World of Christina Mrozik

Christina Mrozik’s illustrations are a thing of beauty. Using pen, marker, and watercolor, as well as graphite and acrylic, her creations are as delicate as they are surreal. “I feel like art acts as a mirror,” said the mixed media artist in a chat with Your Creative Push podcast. “It is revealing the parts that are inside of you already and you’re just putting them on paper. Then you have something to look at that informs you about your inner world. So it’s this back and forth process.”

Graduating from University with an emphasis in illustration and currently based in Portland, Oregon, Mrozik has worked with international galleries, as well as arts education nonprofit groups. “Your art should be a reflection of yourself and the only reason it should stay the same is if you do,” she stressed. “If you’re on a path of growing and shifting, your work should grow and shift with you. You should feel like you have permission to allow it to change.”

“There are so many times where I don’t really have a clear idea at all, I just know that I’m feeling creative. I’ll just sit down at a piece of paper and see what’s in there,” Mrokzik added.

Take a look at some of her creations and make sure you follow her for more.

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The last day to order for the holiday season is December 4th, so if you wanted to nab a print, tote bag, pin or patch (USA made whenever possible!) for your loved ones now is the time. Because I had to preorder prints from my printer, I currently have limited stock of what’s available in my online shop. “Shadow Work” is an open edition giclee originally made about grappling with massive internal rearrangement, link is in my profile ♥️ . Print info: Some questions seem to have no answers. The pain of them lingers somewhere deep in the body, invisible because it’s so built into our structures we can’t see it. It’s built into our foundation, our bones— it’s hidden inside the sturdy stable thing that holds everything else together. I don’t know how to go about picking it apart but I know it needs to reveal itself, it needs to change. Something needs to erupt forth and blossom anew if I can muster the bravery to bear it. The question is then, how do we change the foundation to allow the core to blossom. Can I, the true me, the secret me beneath myself, the one that is separate from the social norms and parent’s expectations, the one who thinks unusual things in unusual ways, can I invade myself and pop up like weeds, blossoming in every nook and corner. Can I replace myself? It hurts to move forward. I often feel paralyzed, so tender and so in need of being comforted. I wonder if this new skeleton can embrace me, can hold the current me that is so delicate? Who is the I to which I speak in my mind? Who is the truth that works on instinct and deep knowledge, that internal decision maker I have to yet learn how to trust? Why did no one ever tell me she was there, and why did it take so long for me to realize how desperately I need her? I hope we can fall apart so that we can rebuild something integral, that we can bloom like the dandelion and spread our seeds in the winds of change, and grow a new skeleton in which to lean into. I hope in learning to look at the thing behind the thing, our vulnerability can find comfort in asking the questions together. I hope. I feel. I know. I am. Delicate, and possible

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