Erin Miller is Revisiting Nostalgic Beauty and Fashion Trends in Her Hilarious Videos

It’s no secret that millennials are super-nostalgic about the past, and many TikTokers have found viral fame by exploiting their obsession. Erin Miller is one of them, and she’ll make you laugh out loud with her hilarious videos about the nostalgic fashion and beauty trends from our youth.

Miller is the mastermind behind the TikTok account @overthemoonfaraway, and she’s followed by 1.9 million people on this social media platform, in addition to 400,000 more on Instagram. She describes herself as a “90’s & 00’s historian”, and her videos will give you a major nostalgia overload if you grew up during these eras.

Miller’s videos show her recreating relatable moments we all went through while growing up, some more cringe-worthy than others. From going through your emo phase to flat ironing your hair and getting chunky highlights, her videos capture some of the weirdest Y2K beauty and fashion trends.

Miller believes her TikTok page became such a huge hit because there’s something comforting about nostalgia, adding there are so many universal experiences that we didn’t realize we were all going through back in the day.

“[There’s joy in] making people laugh, unlocking forgotten memories, strangers reminiscing in my comment. Just bringing millennials together has truly been amazing and so much fun,” Miller told The Washington Post.