Everyday Life Situations Receive a Funny Twist in David Ostow’s Comics

Everyday life situations can often look mundane. But for illustrator David Ostow, they are a source of inspiration for a funny series of single-panel comics.

In Ostow’s comics, an ordinary moment in life gets turned upside down and becomes much more intriguing with a simple twist or a short line of text. It can include anything from apartment hunting to a casual chat between friends.

According to the artist, he draws inspiration from his own life, his family, and random people he encounters.

“Some days it makes you want to cry but when you’re lucky it can lead to serious comedy. Also, having two young children, there is no shortage of jokes to be mined from the behavior and habits of these weird little lovable aliens,” Ostow shared with Bored Panda.

David Ostow originally worked as an architect before deciding to use his artistic skills to create funny content instead of buildings. His works have been published in numerous media outlets and publications, including the New Yorker and The New York Times.

Ostow also regularly shares his newest works on Instagram, where he has more than 50K followers. Continue scrolling to check out more of his comics below.