Artist Recreates Northern Renaissance Paintings on Unexpected Canvases

Queens, New York-based artist Chris Oh recently presented a unique solo exhibition titled Passage. The exhibition, which is displayed at Capsule Shanghai, features artworks in which Oh recreated Northern Renaissance paintings or some of their details on unexpected canvases.

For example, one of Oh’s works shows details from Jan van Eyck’s “Adoration of the Mystic Lamb” painted on a wooden panel. Another artwork uses a sea fan as a canvas, on which Oh painted Leonardo da Vinci’s “Portrait of Ginevra Benci.”

According to Oh, his goal was to use surfaces that come from the natural world as canvas for the paintings.

“For this exhibition at Capsule Shanghai, I want to use materials that grew over time, “Oh explains.

The reason why Oh opted to recreate works belonging to the Northern Renaissance, characterized as the “Renaissance that occurred in Europe north of the Alps,” is that their tone and mood are usually darker compared to the traditional Renaissance works. It was a great fit for the kind of atmosphere that the artist wanted to achieve with the exhibition.

If you can’t make it to Oh’s Passage exhibition in person, don’t sweat it. The artist shared a large number of works on his social media as well. Check out more of them below.