These Comics Show How It’s Like to Live With Two Ferrets

Ferrets are great pets. They are loyal, cuddly, and always want to play. Sure, their energetic nature can sometimes be challenging, but all the fun that comes with that makes it all worth it, as the Siberian Lizard comics series shows.

Siberian Lizard is a project by artist Liza N Cooper through which she captures her life with two “mischievous ferrets” named Meems and Feefs. And judging by these entertaining comics, it is a life that comes with all sorts of funny and unexpected situations.

“I treat my pets like a part of the family, and some of the humor comes from them acting out like children or me taking them too seriously. I sometimes catch myself telling them off like I would a child and find them blinking at me in confusion,” Liza shared in a recent chat with Bored Panda. “They understand, but choose not to listen.”

Cooper’s charming style, as well as Meems and Feefs’ unique personalities, has helped Siberian Lizard gain an army of followers. Social media users absolutely love the adventures of the ferret duo, with the comic’s Instagram page currently having 128K followers and counting. The popularity of the comic also prompted Cooper to write and illustrate a book titled Ferrets from Planet Ferretonia!.

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