Federico Babina Imagines Chair Designs by Famous Artists

Italian architect and graphic designer Federico Babina recently presented an intriguing series of works titled “Artchair.” In the series, Babina imagines chair designs by famous artists like Salvador Dali, Piet Mondrian, and Gerhard Richter, among others.

The way Babina sees it, each artist would approach the design with the intention of having its signature style immediately noticeable. This would be achieved either with the shape of the chair, like in Dali’s case, or by adorning it with a specific colorway, like in Richter’s case.

Babina’s Artchair series serves as a great reminder of how even the most common objects, one that appear to always look the same, can be made distinct, and how the same theme can have so many variations with a creative approach.

“Producing a variation can be a game, a challenge, or even an obsession,” Babina shares about the project. “In this illustrated game, I sat down to observe art. A creative challenge to play on the idea of variation on the same theme. Like musical variations and like a modular architecture where changes follow precise mathematical rules.”

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