Fresh and Clever Illustrations by Sara Hagale

The minimalistic illustrations by Sara Hagale are clever and beautiful in their own way. She finds a way to say a lot with little, showing once again that less can definitely be more. And this is precisely what draws people into her work.

Hagale is old-school when it comes to tools. She creates her drawings on off-white paper using only pencils. There’s plenty of empty space in each of her works, which puts all the focus exactly where she wants it.

Three factors contribute to her choosing this exact style. The first one is her background in graphic design, where “the message is everything and anything that gets in the way of that may as well not be there,” as she tells It’s Nice That. The second factor is her love for a minimalist style that she finds calming to draw. The third one is the effect she wants to produce—she wants all eyes to be pointed to one thing in each of her works.

If you want to see more of Hagale’s work, join the army of 418,000 followers she has on Instagram. We picked out some of her amazing illustrations for you to see below.