This Library is Placed in a Former Supermarket

When you visit Carmel, Indiana, you can visit one of the most unique libraries in the world. It’s located in the former supermarket that now has books in place of groceries. There are more isles of books here than you can imagine! It’s every book-lover addicted to shopping’s dream.

Carmel Clay Public Library recently took over the place and decided to keep the original look of it, but it will only be used for storing their book collection temporarily. “What’s better than pork & beans?,” the library asks in an Instagram post. “An aisle filled with large print books, that’s what!”

The main reason for using a supermarket for storing books was actually practical. The main library is under construction and likely won’t open before 2022, so the abandoned grocery store became the perfect temporary solution. That’s why the library uses original isles and nothing in the store was changed. In the meantime, the residents of Carmel can continue to check out books as usual.

How do you navigate it? It’s easy – audiobooks are at the deli section, biographies can be found in the freezers, while the children’s books are at the former wine section. It seems like you could have a lot of fun browsing this unusual library!