Genius Elephant Makes a Sprinkle With His Trunk to Cool Off on a Hot Day

In Arizona, it can get really hot really fast, which is why Phoenix Zoo takes extra steps to ensure their animals have a way to cool off. For their elephants, this means having a pool filled with water in which they can take a bath. But sometimes, the pool can take longer to get full, causing some of the elephants to get creative. 

Phoenix Zoo recently shared a video that shows an Asian elephant named Indu deciding it can’t wait for the pool to fill up properly. The animal starts using its trunk to partly cover the faucet, creating a sprinkle that evenly distributes water all over its body. At one point, the Indu also starts storing water in the trunk before splashing it all over itself.

The video, captured by one of the staff members, took social media by storm, with internet users praising the creativity of the elephant.

As it turns out, this isn’t a rare occurrence. This impatient elephant loves to get its feet wet before anyone else. Its antics are well known to the staff, which documented it getting in the pool regardless of the amount of water present there.

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