Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Make Jokes While Getting Colonoscopy on Camera

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney in
Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney in "Welcome to Wrexham"

Actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have one of the coolest bromances in Hollywood. They are close friends, co-own a soccer club, and have both had a colonoscopy on camera for a good cause. 

In efforts to raise colon cancer awareness, Reynolds and McElhenney recently scheduled colonoscopy appointments and brought in a camera crew with them. This was part of the bet the two made after purchasing Welsh soccer club Wrexham AFC.

They shared their experiences in a video uploaded on social media and YouTube, in which they also filled in the public on some of the updated guidelines that include lowering the age of recommended examination to 45 years from the previous 50.

“Rob and I both, we turned 45 this year,” Reynolds explained in the video. “And you know, part of being this age is getting a colonoscopy. It’s a simple step that could literally – and I mean, literally – save your life.”

As you could have expected from the duo, the video was also full of cracking jokes and poking fun at each other.

“They either find nothing, and that means that my colon is cleaner than his, or they find a polyp,” said  McElhenney

at one point. “And it’s either bigger than his, which is awesome, or it’s smaller than his, which means that I had less of an opportunity to have cancer. Either way, I win.”

You can watch the full video below.