Girl Becomes Stained Glass Artist After Losing Her Job

You never know what the future holds. Marta Smyk had no idea that she’d become a successful artist who makes small glass sun-catchers one day, but she did, and her story is unique.

Looking for a job, Smyk applied as a shop assistant at a glass store. Although she has worked with many other mediums, like oil painting and sculpting, she never had any touch with the art of glass painting. While working at the shop, she became obsessed with the craft of glassmaking and decided to attend a couple of workshops.

Then, she made a turn and decided to turn her passion into a business.

“I enjoy every single bit of the process of making stained glass panels, and my favorite moment is when I lift up already finished panel and see the sunlight shining through, casting beautiful shadows on the surfaces it lands on, filling the space with magical light,” she shared in a statement on Bored Panda.

As months went by, her colorful work became more noticeable among Instagram users, and her schedule started to be busier and busier. Her biggest project called The Sunset Landscape traveled from the UK to the US.

If you are interested in stain glass art, check out some of her creations below.