Cute and Humorous Illustrations That Depict Everyday Life

Stephanie Savard is a Montreal-based girl whose artistic path began in her childhood. And now, she uses her passion to make a living. Being a graphic designer and illustrator has been her biggest blessing since posting her work on Instagram, where Savard has attracted over 2,000 followers. Since then, stefouchat, became her portfolio, where she has been keeping track of her style and evolution.

She loves using vibrant and saturated palettes. So, if you scroll through her profile, you can enjoy her colorful creations. She puts unrealistic and humorous patterns and likes to “distort reality by playing with the proportions or by simplifying the elements.”

Although she began drawing on paper and tried all kinds of mediums, she only likes depicting digitally. Being inspired by everything that surrounds her, she mentions her plants, her cat, or the places she visited, as her main inspiration.

She starts her artwork with hand-drawn sketches, then takes pictures for pose reference, if she has to draw people or a body part. Next, she snaps a pic of her sketch and begins to draw digitally.

“When I am happy with the composition and the color palette, I can begin to play with some textures to add depth to the illustration,” she said to Ballpit.