These Fantastic Embroidery Pieces Look Like Drawings

With a diploma in Fine Arts, Fashion Design, and Fashion Styling, Turkish embroidery designer Sila Gur started her journey quite confidently. Thanks to her amazing talent, she can create embroidery pieces that look like paintings. She began embroidering back in 2018 and fell in love immediately. As she explained in an interview for Embellished Talk, she watched a couple of YouTube tutorials for basic stitches. Now her favorite stitch is the so-called French knots.

“Even my embroidery style is thread painting. I love adding French knots somewhere in my work, usually using it as the texture of a fabric. I wonder how the tambour hook needleworks. I’ve always wanted to try that technique… one day,” Gur said.

She starts her project by finding inspiration in everyday life. Like, for example, a sweater that she sees on somebody or a simple thing like a hairstyle of a girl. Then, she draws the image she wants to create, and later the stitching begins.

Gur’s work is available on her website and Instagram where 82,000 people enjoy her everyday content and astonishing creations.