Hairdresser Compares Millennials vs. Gen Z and the Internet Can’t Stop Laughing

It is undeniable that each generation has its own rules of behavior and approach to the world. Hairdresser Alexis Rex has noticed these differences in her line of work, prompting her to create an amusing video to illustrate them.

In a viral clip posted on her TikTok profile, Rex compared the way millennials act when they come for a haircut to how her Gen Z clients approach their hairstyle appointments.

Rex portrayed the millennials as considerate customers who are worried about not making it too inconvenient for the hairdresser. They make sure they don’t take up much space, want their hair to look natural, and are open to advise on how to style it and take care of it.

Gen Z customers, on the other hand, are loud and act like they own the place. They just want to get their hair done for the first time in a while, aren’t too worried about their price, and are looking for something that will get attention.

The video ended up becoming hugely popular, racking up more than eight million views. People love the comedic nature of Rex’s portrayals of different generations but also find it quite on point.

“I don’t often claim my millennial status, but damn if this ain’t spot on,” one person wrote in the comment section.