Lawyer Becomes TikTok Star After Telling People How Her Employers Break the Law

Being a full-time lawyer is demanding and time-consuming. There are always hearings, client meetings, and new cases coming in. But that didn’t stop lawyer Paige Sparks from finding time to help social media users with her advice.

Sparks has a successful TikTok profile on which she discusses various law topics, mostly revolving around employment law, in an attempt to educate people about their rights. But she recently became a true TikTok star after one of her videos went viral and got more than 27 million views.

In this particular video, Sparks discussed the ways employers break the law in regard to their employees. She mentioned a number of instances where this happens, and people don’t even realize it. That includes forbidding employees from discussing their wages, denying accommodation for a disability, and not paying overtime.

“I’m not a traditional lawyer in that I’m not fancy or flowery. In order to understand the law, I had to kind of dumb it down into layman’s terms so that I understand it, and that has helped me help other people learn a lot as well,” she explained in a chat with Net Influencer.

Sparks updates her TikTok with new legal advice frequently, so make sure to check out more of her content if you are interested in this type of content.