Heartwarming Video Shows How Cat and Dog Became Best Friends

You often hear that cats and dogs can’t stand each other. But according to a recent viral TikTok video, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The clip, posted by @archibald_the_cav, starts with an introduction of an adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Archibald with his older feline sibling. The puppy is eager to hang out, but the cat doesn’t seem too friendly. However, as the video unfolds, the dynamic between the two slowly changes.

The cat first stops being annoyed by Archibald’s presence before starting to get warm up for him. By the end of the clip, the two take naps together, cuddle, and enjoy all sorts of other activities like true best friends.

The heartwarming video amassed more than two million views in just a couple of days, with social media users being amazed by the cat and puppy’s friendship.

“Aww they’re so adorable!” wrote one TikTok user in a comment section.

“Your video is pure joy and smiles,” added another.

Several studies have shown that cats and dogs can form a lasting friendship and do it surprisingly fast. However, their relationship depends on various factors, including the circumstances and their previous experience with the opposing species.