Illustrator Published a Wordless Book to Highlight the Importance of Free Press

Artist, illustrator, and author, Christoph Niemann is best known for his editorial work, which appears regularly in top tier publications, such as The New Yorker, National Geographic and The New York Times Magazine.

In his latest book, titled The Paper, the 49-year-old illustrator celebrates what he calls “the joy of reading magazines and newspapers”. The wordless book includes 194 pages with illustrations in pink, black, and white, that serve to highlight the importance of having free press.

“The world is facing countless pressing issues,” Niemann stressed in an interview with Colossal. “I don’t know how to solve them, but I’m convinced that in order to find out, we need a press that can ask the relevant questions, without fear of threats, persecution, and violence.”

All the profits from the book will go to the organization Reporters Without Borders, dedicated to protecting and promoting freedom of information. Follow the arrows to see parts of his thought-provoking book.