This Artist Found a Way to Stitch Clay

Justyna Wolodkiewicz is an embroiderer who utilizes mixed media in her art. Describing herself as a “girl who stitches clay”, she adds pieces of polymer clay to make her embroideries really stand out.

“What you see in my embroideries is highly filtered visual and sonic information,” the Polish artist told Colossal. “It travels through my eyes, brain, and hands, landing in the physical world again, this time in the shape of my hand-stitched pieces.”

According to Wolodkiewicz, she is motivated by human emotions and feelings, capturing them through her work. “A complicated weave of life time and thought constantly fuels my inspiration,” she adds. “Or you may say that I just translate my insides into shapes and colors. This is me. I am for you. I want you to see me.”

You can find her on Instagram, where she posts images of her three-dimensional embroideries that are also available for purchase.