Inga Ilze Peterson’s Paper Flowers Look Incredibly Real

Paper art can take many different shapes and forms, and Inga Ilze Peterson decided to use it to pay homage to nature. She’s transforming paper into colorful flowers that look just as beautiful as the real thing.

Peterson is a paper artist and instructor based in Oregon, Portland, and it’s been over five years since she started sharing her creations online. Her paper flowers are so masterfully made and she pays so much attention to detail that you’ll have to look twice before realizing they’re not real.

Peterson has been in love with art since she was a kid, doing everything from painting and drawing to making doll clothes in her youth. She studied fine art and enjoyed painting floral still life but quickly realized she wanted to find a way to craft botanical art that lasts.

She embarked on a new creative journey when she discovered paper flowers, and she’s now on a quest to help other people discover their healing power through her workshops and tutorials.

“As you craft, as you cut and shape petals and fringe, it is an opportunity to just be present… It gives you the chance to realize that flowers, these beautiful things you are creating, don’t have to worry and fret about things… they just exist in the moment… and so can we,” she explained on her official website.