Instagram Page Shares Awkward But Heartwarming Family Photos

If you’re feeling blue, the Instagram page named Awkward Family Photos will brighten up your day. It was created by two childhood friends Mike Bender and Doug Chernack back in 2009, and it was first launched as a blog and later flourished into a multi-million-member project.

Bender, one of the creators explained that their funny profile was born as a “celebration of awkwardness especially as it relates to family.” When he found a hilarious vacation photograph in his parents’ house he went online and asked his followers to share their awkward family images—and people have been part of the project for over a decade.

“We are still laughing ‘with’ and not ‘at’ people. We have built a community of folks who are comfortable enough to laugh at themselves,” he said in an interview for Bored Panda.

Their Instagram profile counts over one million followers, while on Facebook they’ve been popular amongst 2.4 million people.

Do you have some hilarious family photos you would share with the world? Contact Bender and Chernack on social media. Who knows, maybe your grandma will become viral. If you’re rather a private person, keep enjoying others’ silly moments.