Italian Artist Uses The Human Body As a Canvas

Johannes Stotter is a talented fine art body painter, a “master of illusions” whose work is well-known amongst artists who use human bodies as canvases. In 2013 his work went viral, leading him to various commissions and numerous awards.

Stotter choose to live in a small Italian town based in the Alps, where he can stay focused on his connection with nature, which is his main inspiration. He often blends his art into the backdrop of natural landscapes or indoor décor, creating “illusionary masterpieces, portraying the beauty of life forms within its very existence and vulnerability.”

He began drawing when he was a little boy. Years later, in high school, he started depicting images using acrylic colors and later transformed them into oil paints.

“The idea to paint on a human body came to me kind of coincidently, without any inspiration from outside such as photos, films, or other connections,” the artist said in an interview for BBC. “I did not even know that this art form existed. I just thought that it would be interesting to paint on a human body. After I tried it the first time, I had the feeling that I wanted to discover this art form more deeply.”

He currently has close to 100,000 followers, and if you like the images, you should start following him on Instagram for more updates.