Youth Worker Makes Astonishing Pantings

Lydia Ellen Design describes herself as a youth worker and illustrator currently living in Norfolk, with her Australian husband. Although she has her nine to five job, Lydia still finds time to create art and run her little business on Etsy.

She likes painting a lot, and if she could, she would “dedicate one day a week to just get all my paints and play all day.” As she mentioned in an interview for Ballpit, she would like to make people smile, laugh, and make them feel like they were with her at the moment.

To create her art, she seeks inspiration from her travels. Snapping pictures and sketching ideas in her mini sketchbook.

“Everything I create starts with travel. It is my biggest inspiration,” the artist said. “More specifically nature I experience while away from home and all those little serendipity moments when you are exploring with no agenda in a new place. The dream is to capture that feeling in an illustration.”

If you would like to see Lydia doing her “thing”, all you need is to take a walk with her in a new town. You’ll notice how her eyes and mind are “constantly processing potential in different angles and moments and jotting down ideas and taking photos.”

To see her artwork, check out the gallery below.