Russian Artist Brilliantly Creates Alphabet Letters

How old were you when you first learned your ABCs? And do you remember the images your preschool teacher showed you? We assume it was the ordinary alphabet where you saw a simple illustration of an apple, banana, cat, dog, and so on.

However, one Russian girl decided to take part in the so-called 36 Days Of Type Instagram challenge, where she illustrates letters as typography artwork and digital illustration.

Her name is Alisa Kosareva, a talented artist and Bachelor of Architecture, and she managed to finish her challenge, which ended up looking beautiful. The artist used different textures and patterns which made her alphabet even more special.

Besides taking part in Instagram challenges, like Inktober, Kosareva also depicts enchanting buildings she sees in person. Sceneries from well-known European cities like Budapest, Prague, Malaga, Amsterdam, and more, are done using various mediums, mostly watercolor paintings. And her artwork is marvelous!

As we mentioned earlier, she likes to participate in various artsy challenges. She currently works on a project where she has to draw and post an image every day until the 31st of October.

To have a glimpse of Kosareva’s work, check the gallery below.