This Artist Dreamed About Becoming An Illustrator – And Then Did

Mar Bertran always loved drawing. However, for years, she didn’t know which career path she should choose until realizing that being an illustrator was her dream job. She studied Audiovisual Communication and Multimedia for two years at ERAM University in Girona, Spain, continuing her studies with the Open University in the UK, focusing on Art History and Music.

She was born in Barcelona and is currently based in Manchester, where she lives her dream. She does her artwork digitally because it “gives her the freedom to play around with infinite color combinations and brushes on a single device.”

“Visually, I’ve always been inspired by the painter Salvador Dalí. His art was very present when growing up because we both share the same hometown. I also get inspiration from the Pop art movement and from contemporary photography,” she said in an interview for Ballpit.

If you scroll through her Instagram account, where she has attracted over 6,000 followers, you’ll notice enchanting human portraits done in bold colors. She also mixes “figurative and abstract shapes to represent inner thoughts and feelings.”

To see her artwork, check out the gallery below. Don’t forget to browse her social media to see more beautiful images.