Irem Yazicia is Creating the Most Surreal Embroidery Art

We’re used to embroidery artists exploring familiar subjects, ranging from nature to popular subjects, but Irem Yazici decided to break the mold. She’s pushing boundaries with her surreal embroidery art and crafting the quirkiest creations that you’ll ever come across.

İrem Yazici is based in Eskisehir, Turkey and she embarked on this creative journey in 2014. That’s when she gave hand embroidery a try, and she never looked back, developing her unique personal style and attracting almost 180,000 followers to her Instagram page @_.baobap._ in the years to come.

Yazici has a special talent for merging hand embroidery and illustration with her unique stitching technique and she enjoys exploring different colors and textures through her art.

“Inspired by surrealism, fantastic art, and mysticism she aims to create surreal worlds in her works… She is a shameless maximalist in her works and she loves to use bold and bright colors and materials to enhance the glam in her embroideries,” explains Yazici on her official website.

Yazici’s art is difficult to sum up because no subject is off limits and we can never predict what she’ll come up with next. Some may find her creations unconventional, but she actually believes that she’s bringing hand embroidery closer to its roots, by using it to enhance and enrichen different objects with various techniques.