Jessica Buchanan’s Makeup Transformations Look Straight Out of a Horror Movie

We’ve stumbled upon more makeup artists on TikTok and Instagram than we can count, but it’s not easy to find one that literally gives you chills. Jessica Buchanan perfectly fits this description and she’s taking social media by storm with her horror-inspired makeup transformation.

With 1.2 million followers on TikTok and almost 100,000 on Instagram, Buchanan built quite a following since embarking on this creative journey. Her page @makeitjess will impress you if you’re a huge horror fan because most of her looks have a spooky vibe to them. She even offers a masterclass on her official website for everyone who wants to learn the secrets of her craft.

On her official website, Jessica Buchanan describes herself as a special effects makeup artist that likes to add a bit of glamour to her crazy looks, adding that she specializes in transforming herself into characters, animals, creatures, or cosplays.

Buchanan’s journey in the world of makeup has been pretty unconventional, and she didn’t start her career as a makeup artist. She used to be a full-time teacher before realizing that a career in education wasn’t the right fit for her. She turned to the world of makeup because it allowed her to pursue a life of creativity that she was craving.