Sugar & Sparrow Cakes are a Colorful, Picture-Perfect Delight

If you’re passionate about cake baking, you’ve probably stumbled upon countless Instagram pages sharing recipes for this sweet treat—and discovering another one wouldn’t hurt. Sugar & Sparrow is one of the internet’s best sources of recipes for picture-perfect cakes that will give you sweetness overload.

Whitney DePaoli is the mastermind behind Sugar & Sparrow and she’s currently based in Portland, Oregon. She spent years making cakes for weddings, birthday parties, and other events before she decided to finally launch the food blog Sugar & Sparrow and use it as a creative outlet to share her craft with the world.

DePaoli fell in love with baking at a young age and inherited this passion from her mother. She spent her childhood looking at pretty pictures in her cookbooks and they’ve awakened something inside her.

“As a kid I can remember flipping through her vintage baking books and attempting to recreate every single recipe.  That passion for baking evolved into a fascination with cake decorating, and I spent a good amount of years whipping up custom cakes from my home kitchen,” she explains on her blog.

Sugar & Sparrow cakes may seem pretty elaborate, but DePaoli is willing to help all aspiring bakers make them on their own, and she shared many recipes, tricks, and tips on her blog.