Jump From Paper is Putting 2D Cartoon Handbags on the Map

Cartoon-inspired 2D designs experienced a huge boom in recent years, taking over everything from furniture to cakes and nails. If you’re looking for fashion accessories in a similar style, you have to check out Jump From Paper’s optical illusion handbags.

Jump From Paper is a fashion brand based in Taipei, and they’re truly pushing the boundaries of fashion with their 2D bags. Their creations have to be seen to be believed, and they’ll transport you to the world where fashion and imagination intertwine.

“The brand plays with graphics and illustrations to create real-world bags that literally look as if they ‘jumped from paper’. The bold two-dimensional appearance of each bag is guaranteed to turn heads and serves to bring joy and fun to the mundane,” reads the brand’s official website.

Handbags put Jump From Paper on the map, but they have a wide range of other stylish products in store. Backpacks and shoulder bags are also among their best-sellers, but their purses and wallets are also worth checking out if you want to welcome a smaller dose of 2D magic into your life.

Each of Jump From Paper’s creations is a statement piece, defined by clean lines, sharp edges, and an avant-garde aesthetic. You’ll have to look twice to realize they’re even real, but once you do—you won’t be able to look away.