Blu Blue’s Food Illustrations Are a Mouth-Watering Delight

There are times when you don’t even have to see real food for your mouth to start watering—a good illustration will do the trick! Blu Blue is one of Instagram’s most talented food illustrators, and she has a soft spot for capturing the delicious allure of our favorite desserts.

Blu Blue is the alter ego of a teen watercolor artist Isabelle, who’s based in Hong Kong. She’s currently pursuing a degree in biomedical engineering, and painting is just a hobby she started exploring after finishing high school. She was looking for a way to fill the time after her graduation and decided to find her own style as an artist.

She tried acrylics and oil painting when she was younger, but something clicked when she decided to give watercolors a shot. Isabelle is completely self-taught, and she learned the secrets of the craft by watching other artists at work, while also using photo references to learn about the structure, shading, and colors of different desserts.

“I did not learn how to draw watercolor in lessons, but instead I learned from other successful artists in the world. Their painting techniques, colors, art styles, even their topics are helpful, At least I merge them into my style,” she explained on Instagram.