Orcas Approach Humans to Ask Them For Help in This Awesome Viral Video

Orcas are the apex predator of the ocean and rightfully deserve their “killer whales” nickname. They are also quite smart, being among the most intelligent sea creatures. However, that doesn’t mean they sometimes don’t need our help.

A recent viral video that is making rounds on social media shows that orcas know when to turn to humans and ask for their assistance in times of need.

The clip shows a killer whale stopping by a yacht and making loud cries for help. This prompts the passengers to call the animal rescue team to investigate the possible cause of distress.

After welcoming the rescue team, a group of orcas start swimming further into the ocean and make it clear that they want humans to follow them. They led the rescuers to a spot in the ocean where it turned out that the mother killer whale had its tail tangled in a fishing net and was unable to move.

The rescue team immediately starts helping the orca, and it appears that the sea creature understands their good intention. It remains still and cooperates until the humans free her from the net.

But the most amazing thing happens after. The orcas thank the rescue team for their help by making happy sounds and even bringing them a manta ray as a parting gift.

This amazing video received 14 million views on TikTok in just a couple of days since being posted. Check it out below.