Timelapse of German Shepherd’s Ears Growing Amazes the Internet

German shepherds grow really fast. One day they are a puppy, and the next, they are big doggos that can tackle you with their hugs.

While growing up, German shepherds don’t only become bigger. They also experience a lot of changes, with one of the most intriguing ones happening to their ears.

A TikTok user from Texas named Sage recently shared a timelapse video that shows how her German shepherd Axel’s ears changed since he was a puppy, and it is safe to say the internet was amazed.

The clip starts with Sage holding a puppy Axel in her arms, with his ears being hardly visible. Then we see Axel’s ears changing their size and shape as he gets older. They range from crossed to flappy and pointy.

“German Shepherd ears are literally the best,” wrote Sage in the caption of the video.

The video captured the attention of other TikTok users, most of whom were not familiar with the way German shepherd’s ears grow and develop as they grow up.

“OMG, look at those ears. Such a cutie,” one TikToker wrote in the comment section.

“I have a German shepherd, and her ears still flop around the place I love her,” added another.