Katie Anne is Wowing Instagram With Her Impressive Plant Collection

Instagram’s plant community is truly magical, and Katie Anne happens to be one of its most prominent members. If you’re a fellow crazy plant lady, she’s here to teach you how to give each plant in your collection the love and attention it deserves.

Anne is based in Bay Area, California, and she’s using her Instagram page to share plant unboxing videos, tips, and tricks with over 80,000 fellow plant enthusiasts. She now has over 200 plants and they took over her entire home, even though she enjoys propagating them and giving them away to her friends and family.

Dracaena was the first plant she ever welcomed into her home, and it was gifted to her by a friend who could no longer keep it because her cat was constantly eating the leaves. When she put the Dracaena in the back seat of her car, she had no idea this was a beginning of a long journey.

Anne’s obsession with plants continued growing, mostly because she enjoyed the process of constantly learning new things about them.

“For me the learning process has been the most inspirational part of having the plants. I’ve learned that each plant is quite unique and different. Just like humans, we need to adapt how we care for ourselves just like we adapt to caring for plants,” she told The Leafy Plant.