Liz Y Ahmet Scribbles Amazing Portraits

The works of UK- based artist Liz Y Ahmet show that a chaotic approach to art can often give amazing results.

Ahmet’s artworks begin as scribbled lines on a piece of paper, initially looking like incoherent doodles made in a hurry. But quickly, those lines synchronize and work together to reveal beautiful portraits.

“The faces are a chaos of emotions, which is where the scribbles evolved from,” Ahmet explained. “And I like to try different mediums because I don’t like my art to stagnate, but want to keep things fresh and exciting.”

Ahmet takes the inspiration for her works from her own emotions and feelings, which is why all of her portraits are females.

“My portraits are all female because I am, and some are portrayed mask-like because I hid my problems/emotions from work/family,” she adds.

Check out more of her works below.