Maaike Canne Finds Inspiration for Art in Architecture

Maaike Canne is a Dutch artist living in Rotterdam who draws inspiration from architecture, among other things. Whenever she finds an image she likes in a magazine or online, she saves it and later goes through her collection when she needs a little boost.

Canne says she inherited her love for art from her grandma, who was a painter. When she was little, Canne would follow her grandma around as she painted, and eventually, she started carrying her own sketchbook with her wherever she went. It became natural to her to be able to make art at any given moment. She says she chooses illustration because it gives her the freedom to draw what she wants, without feeling the need to make it realistic. 

Her pieces used to feature people, but now they don’t. She says it happened naturally over time and adds that “they might come back, who knows.”

Scroll down to see her work.