Magnificent Unspun Wool Portraits by Salman Khoshroo

Salman Khoshroo is an Indian artist who creates wonderful portraits using unspun wool tucked onto a foam board. The artist was born in 1983 in Iran and grew up in New York. After temporarily living in Iran, he enrolled at the Australian National University to study digital art. In 2004, he returned to Iran and has been living there ever since.

“We live in fragile times, and I feel the need to find new materials and the mindset to reinvent my practice,” Khoshroo tells This is Colossal. “Wool brings warmth and intimacy to these portraits and plays with provoking the nurture instinct.”

Check out his work below and visit his Instagram page for more. We’re sure you’d want to join his 72k followers on this social platform and get regular updates about his work!