Man Carves Discarded Bird Feathers Into Intricate Art

Most people ignore discarded bird feathers they encounter during their outdoor activities. Others perhaps pick them up to admire their beauty but ultimately toss them away again. But for artist Chris Maynard, finding a discarded bird feather lying on the ground is a reason for celebration.

You see, Maynard carves bird feathers into intricate pieces of art. He started using them for art purposes when he was 12 and they eventually became the main focus of his creative endeavors.

According to Maynard, who has a background in biology and ecology, most of his artworks start as a sketch. His notebooks are filled with them, but only a handful ends up being turned into feather art. This is because the idea and sketch can’t be executed well if he doesn’t have the right feather.

When it comes to the material for his works, Maynard doesn’t use feathers from birds native to North America except those belonging to turkey and goose. He mainly obtains feathers from private aviaries and zoos and only those that have been shed by birds as part of the natural process of shedding.

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