Oddly Satisfying Colorful Sculptures By Claire Lindner

Sculptor Claire Lindner creates artworks like no other. Her pieces are unusual, sometimes incomprehensible to the viewer, but always oddly satisfying.

Lindner’s creations resemble a bunch of thick intertwined vines that look like they could soon come to life and start moving. Besides their unusual form, these sculptures are also unique thanks to their vibrant and playful colors that captivate attention.

According to Linder, her art explores the relationship between nature’s creations and human-made shapes and forms. The underlying idea is to combine “the images of vegetation, the animal or the mineral world, the body as if everything was made of the same substance.” Her goal is to “trigger” a visual confusion for the viewer and spark their imagination.  

“Everything connects and mixes: the inside, the outside, the physical and the psychic, the palpable and the impalpable, the liquid and the solid, the animal, the vegetative and human,” she explains on her official website.

Aside from her oddly satisfying colorful sculptures, Claire Lindner has several other projects through which she gives an abstract view of the world that surrounds us. Her works are frequently centerpieces of gallery exhibits and she also regularly shares them on her social media. Check out more below.