Maxwell Tilse Will Rock Your World With His Cutout Travel Sketches

If you love art and travel in equal measure, Maxwell Tilse is set to become your next favorite illustrator. He’s immortalizing all the places he traveled to with incredibly detailed travel sketches and taking photos of them next to their real-life contra parts.

Born and raised in Sidney, Tilse started his European backpacking adventure after leaving university. It didn’t take him long to realize that illustrations are the perfect outlet for his creativity after a long day of exploring a new city, and drawing became an essential part of his travels.

Tilse enjoys drawing on location, but it’s pretty much impossible to finish an entire illustration in one sitting. His works of art are incredibly detailed, and it sometimes takes him up to 50 hours to finish a single illustration.

His drawings are worth every second he puts into them, and the final result is always truly mesmerizing. Tilse often takes photos of his cutout drawings next to the buildings that inspired them, and it’s amazing to see how they compare to the real thing. In addition to sharing them with almost 200,000 followers on Instagram, he made some of his prints available for purchase through his Etsy store Maxwell Illustration.