Edoardo Tresoldi Creates Otherworldly Architecture

Sometimes you come across a work of art that you know was meant for the entire world to see. And if Edoardo Tresoldi’s Instagram 119,000 followers are any indication, it seems as though that statement is slowly but surely coming true. His glittering works of mesh pop off the screen, and often it’s hard to ignore the impact. Perhaps that’s why he’s picking up new fans left and right.

Edoardo creates architectural sculptures that are simply divine. He draws a heavy influence from Italian churches and courtyards, but adds a modern flavor that sparkles and shines. It’s not hard to see why people immediately fall in love with his work. He brilliantly synergizes the nostalgia of a more vintage time with our modern day chic aesthetic, and this is where he thrives most.

From studio designs to park sculptures to hall decorations, there’s no task that this artist can’t fulfill. He’s carved out a niche for himself that not only works for him, but elevates him into superstardom. People can’t get enough of his work, so feel free to check it out yourself!