Mike Clifford Made an Electric Guitar Using LEGO

Modustrial Maker’s Mike Clifford made this incredible LEGO replica of Gibson Les Paul electric guitar. He used blue, white, green, purple, and lavender bricks and filmed every step of the way in case you’re curious about the process or want to recreate your own guitar.

“I made a guitar out of LEGOs and epoxy resin, aka – the Legocaster!! I’m so excited to share this Lego epoxy guitar build. I had no idea how the Legos would hold together with the epoxy resin, but in the end, I think the guitar came out pretty sharp looking,” he wrote along with the video.

He had some issues along the way, but ultimately finished this unique guitar and it was ready for testing. He also gave it a creative name – Legocaster. You can hear how it sounds at the end of the video after you’ve watched the mesmerizing process of Clifford working.