Paper Cutting Artist Creates Intricate Paper Art Like You Wouldn’t Believe

Pippa Dyrlaga is a popular paper cutting artist from Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire. He makes art inspired by nature and things he encounters in everyday life. Dyrlaga finds paper itself to be very inspiring as it’s so ordinary, yet offers so many possibilities.  

Dyrlaga began cutting paper in 2010 using only his hands, a scalpel and a sheet of paper. First, he draws on the reverse side paper-side and then cuts. The process is very meditating and fulfilling. Much of his work is inspired by the wildlife of the rural place he lives in. He studied Contemporary Art at Leeds, and after gaining a master’s degree and spending a couple of years travelling, he moved to Hebden Bridge where he lives today.  

Dyrlaga’s art has been exhibited worldwide – in NY, LA, Chicago, Portland, Beijing, Hangzhou, Jinan, Hawaii, Paris and more. His pieces look incredibly realistic, as if they were pulled out from the ocean. They are so gentle, transparent, usually made from white paper, but sometimes he adds some color too. He creates objects with such precision and so much detail, it seems impossible to believe they were handcrafted. Birds, corals, flowers, robots, snakes – they all look so alive and mesmerizing! See for yourself!